Welcome to Angel Ears; a Pokemon Collection Website dedicated specifically to Audino’s (タブンネ (Tabunne)) Mega Form (メガタブンネ)*. While not too big on the way Mega Forms work, Mega Audino’s design is one I completely fell in love with–pushing it to the number one slot in my favorites list and much sadness that I’ll never be able to have it in a permanent form in the game. Regardless, I decided to at least collect it to show just how much I adore the design.

I always liked Audino, but the soft pastels with the raspberry pink eyes of the Mega form really stood out to me. The design reminds me so much of a White Mage/Snow Princess along with the use of some of my favorite colors that it wasn’t surprising I adored it immediately upon release.

Random Trivia

  • Mega Audino’s (メガタブンネ) name in other languages besides English, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese: Méga Nanméouïe (French), Mega Ohrdoch (German), 메가다부니 (Korean), 超級差不多娃娃 (Chinese), เมก้าทาบุนเนะ (Thai), Mega Tabunne (Various Asian countries– Romanized version of the Japanese name), Мега Одино (Russian)
  • The Mega Stone used for Mega Audino is Audinite (タブンネナイト Tabunnenite). Other Languages: 差不多娃娃進化石 / 差不多娃娃进化石 (Chinese – Cantonese and Mandarin respectively), Audiniitti (Finnish), Nanméouïte (French), Ohrdochnit (German), 다부니나이트 (Korean – Romanized: Dabunienite), Audinit (Polish), Audinita (Spanish).
  • Mega Audino’s additional height over Audino actually comes from its Ears flipping up during the transformation.
  • Mega Audino first was introduced in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Despite it being a Pokemon from Unova, its Mega Evolution was featured as part of the background of the Official Hoenn Badge Set.