4 more new items added!

This time, we actually have two official items– one in stationery and the other in Miscellaneous, plus two more 3rd Party items!

We have another 3rd party item on the way as well, but honestly, I’m just super excited to be adding something new and official (and that I found them in the first place). It was a lot of importing craziness and I’m so thankful to everyone who helped. I’ll be selling the extra stickers on the Pokemon Collectors Discord soon so if you’re interested, be sure to poke in there!

New third party items!

I had held off updating since I knew the Ace Studios figure was supposed to arrive soon… but it ended up taking longer than I expected. Regardless, we’ve updated now with three new items to the Third Party section 🙂

A brand new official item!

As much as I love the amazing custom stuff, there’s always something really nice about getting a new official item, partially because there just isn’t really any and partially because due to that, when I DO find something new, it’s often a surprise. This time, our latest item is actually a Store Display box that held the Mega Audino EX Deck in Japan! I can’t decide if I should set it up or not…

Either way, you can check it out over in Miscellaneous 🙂

6 new items!

This update has been kind of in progress for the last two weeks or so, but kept hitting a few delays… Regardless, three new custom items have been added to Plush, Accessories, and Stickers while three new official items have all been added to Miscellaneous.

There’s also been a few items moved around in sections (From Custom Figures to Custom Accessories or Custom Miscellaneous and some swapping between the Official Stationery and Miscellaneous sections) which hopefully helps make things a bit more concise.

Two new items added!

We have one official item in the “Stationery” section– another of Mega Audino from one of those official Pokedex books and one new item in “Customs” under Miscellaneous– a Card included as part of the special Winds of Hoenn Zine Card Deck.

These actually arrived a while back, but I’ve been sick, so I was only able to update now.

A new official item!

It’s always nice when we finally can add something new that is actually official!

This time, it’s a new poster over in the Art section that was made for promotional purposes for Brilliant Stars’ release!

Seeing Megas as part of it honestly gives me hope maybe they could come back in the future.