New items added to Custom Figures and Custom Stickers!

As part of my “wow, I sure wish Mega Audino got included in all the various campaigns” dream, Nuke and her sister did the 3D Printing and Painting for a Pokemon Rumble figure using Mega Audino’s Pokemon Rumble Rush model. These actually arrived a couple weeks ago, but we couldn’t get the stand done being prepped for it until now. There’s the smaller one which went on the stand and a bigger one which makes me think of how you could make them bigger temporary. It’s nice having both!

Besides that, we got some lovely stickers and a custom Diorama by Eli Eli! The sticker is actually part of a whole Fairy Potion pack and they’re all really cute. They very kindly even sent over all three versions of the sticker (different holographic styles and one without any) and they’re really lovely.

Regardless, despite the sticker variations and two different Rumble sizes, I’ve only counted each once for 3 new items total 🙂